Saturday, September 3, 2011

Creative & Colourful pebble magnets and cross stitching

Making colourful & creative pebbles is fun and easy to do! It requires minimum supplies that are cheap & easy to get.

You will need:

- scissors

- a magazine/images of your choice (scrapbook paper always works with this too)

- white glue

-small rounded magnets, or a magnet roll that you can cut into smaller pieces

- clear pebbles (can be bought at any home decor store, or in my case, the dollar store)

First off, you need to cut out the image or design you will use, and cover the back of your pebble in white glue.

Next, push the pebble firmly down onto the sheet for about three to five seconds. Let it dry.

Once the glue has dried, cut around the pebble to get rid of the excess paper. You will then need to put white glue on your magnet.

Same as before, push the magnet down firmly onto the pebble and let it dry for as long as need be.

And there you have it! it's as easy as that. Here I have made a fall theme, you can choose whichever you'd like to. You could also avoid the magnet part all together and just have the pebbles as they are and use them as decoractions in a glass bowl, around a picture frame, or anything of your desire.

Also, I've recently, taken up cross stitching and I've found it quite fun (apart from the fact that it takes a looonnnggg time). My first project is a cute little one in which the finished product should look a little something like this:

So far, this has been my progress over the last three days. All I have left is the wording!

Updates soon :)

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  1. Absolutely fabulous dawling! Lets see more! Yay crafts!