Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've returned! Pillows Pillows Pillows and Colouring

I'm sorry I was gone so long without a post... school has been very busy!

But, I've had time this weekend and over the past week or so to get a few crafty things done.

The first thing is sewing... in the past I've made a full quilt, a smaller quilt, and a pillow or two. I am in the process of making a couple for my bed.

So far I have the front piece done, and half of the backing.

It's hard to tell, but the animal print (still not sure what kind it is... looks like cow on here, but cheetah in person) is a darker brown with black which matches my room tones. The black stripes are made up of four squares sewn together, and the animal print is one solid piece. Surprisingly, the process to make what I have above took around an hour - alot less time than I had expected.

Secondly - I have taken up a new hobby. I'm not entirely sure what to call them... 'optical illusions' or just patterns? Either way, these are just some I have completed and some outlines I have yet to complete...

I find these so fun to create, and very calming and relaxing. They look really cool once their finished and can be used for whatever. Whether they're used as decorations, wall art, wrapping paper, etc. I get my pages from one of my classes in school, and I've searched around on the internet to find them (guess it would be helpful to know their proper names!) but I found a site that has some, linked below.

Hopefully I'll have some Christmasy things up this weekend or sometime in the coming week!

- Courtney

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